What if Whatsapp & Twitter had a baby? CommaCommaCommaComma
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If I was an influencer, I would be promoting @WeAreOpenvy because some of you are really cool & deserve a better platform to be.

In just two weeks, I have connected with people on Openvy just out of love for common topics, if that isn’t what internet is meant for, then idk.
Associate Research Manager, Kantar
All right, I think I might have seen the next great Twitter competitor / replacement: it is called Openvy (@WeAreOpenvy). Simple design and super easy to use. Seems very discussion oriented. Still in beta but you can bug @SparklinGuy for invites. This could be big.
Nimish Dubey
Nimish Dubey@nimishdubey
Journalist writing about tech at ABP, Indian Express, TechPP, The Mobile Indian, and 91 Mobiles
What if Whatsapp & Twitter had a baby? Meet @WeAreOpenvy 😁
Rahul Jadhav
Rahul Jadhav@iRahulJadhav
I run one of the most read #GameOfThrones site in the world
For the longest time growing up, I’ve identified myself as an 'introvert'

It’s only in the last few years when I realised that I don't have to put myself in a box, and started seeking great conversations.

And Openvy provides the platform to do just that! 🤩
Amani Chowdhry
Amani Chowdhry@Amani_Chowdhry
Product, Polygon
Posted the same content on multiple platforms several times. The engagement that you get on @WeAreOpenvy is far more rewarding than twitter or insta.

@SparklinGuy and his team are redefining how social media works. If you want an invite for https://openvy.com, DM Me
VP - Tech for @MyQyuki. Forbes 30U30 Asia & India
I wish Twitter could've been more like @WeAreOpenvy

Binny Louis
Binny Louis@binny_louis
Senior UX Designer, Airbus. Cinephile.
While scrolling through the platform, you are always awed by how clean and neat everything looks. The neatness however does not take away the fun and playful side of Openvy. It is as playful as its neat.
Jaivardhan Singh Channey
Jaivardhan Singh Channey@sikhspack
Founder at @studiomesmer
I’ve been using @WeAreOpenvy for a while now and I can say that it’s a place of possibilities.
It’s not easy to find people interested in similar topics on any other platform. Most importantly people interested in TWO topics that you’re into. Which makes this place unique.
Ex-marketer, Crowdfire